Our Vision
The modern retail is digital, connected, omni-channel, dynamic and highly complex. A new era demands a new approach. Welcome to the Flieber way of doing things!
More Brands, More Products
Product offerings used to be limited to the physical space of stores. Control of what was sold to the masses was in the hands of few retail chains. The internet broke this dynamics, offering one single centralized point of sales accessible by anyone. And marketplaces went even further, making it easier to sell products. The result is an explosion of new brands and products available in the market.
The explosion of new brands means that more products are being sold to the same customers. With more options available, and with the backing of positive reviews, it is natural that customers experiment with different brands. The result is a drastic reduction in units sold per product. Retailers who learn how to operate with lower sales volume per product will thrive.
Lower Sales Per Product
Lower Inventory Levels
From factories to stores, the retail industry was structured to support high volumes of product flows. But lower sales per product demands much lower inventory levels. How to order and transport low quantities, while keeping a low operational cost? How to keep low inventory levels while not running out of stock? Only retailers who are able to adapt to this new reality will survive.
With a website as the single sales location and lower inventory levels to manage, retailers don't have to worry anymore about having stock spread out in thousands of points of sale. This new reality allows retailers to manage orders from multiple sales channels through a centralized inventory. Being efficient and knowing how to predict inventory needs has become more critical than ever.
Centralized Inventory
Fulfillment as a Service
Centralized inventories allow for centralized fulfillment operations. Amazon's FBA introduced a new modality of fulfillment solutions: the fulfillment-as-a-service. With the growth of offerings in this segment, retailers don't need to worry about warehouses and fulfillment structures anymore, being able to transfer this complexity to specialized third-party service providers.
Complex Supply-Chains
The changes in the retail industry are making supply-chains even more complex. To keep low inventory levels, retailers have to operate with a continuous-flow supply-chain, where small batches are delivered more often. Synchronizing sales and inventory, and having an intelligent management system has become mandatory for retailers who want to succeed in this competitive environment.
"Retailers worldwide lose $1.75 Trillion (almost 12% of global sales) annually due to the cost of overstocks, out-of-stocks and sales returns."
From the report Retailers and the Ghost Economy
Why Flieber
Flieber is the first Sales Synchronization™ platform for online retailers.
Easy to
Flieber's hassle-free onboarding process allows you to start operating immediately. Forget the usual costly and burdensome implementations.
Cutting-Edge Technology
Flieber is a Silicon Valley-based startup using the most advanced technology and data analytics to solve the main problems of online retailers.
Execution Guarantee
Flieber is the only company that not only gives you the tools, but also provides the global team needed to execute on your plans (add-on option).
Our unique approach links sales and inventory so that you always achieve the Six Rights™. Enjoy more sales, higher margins, and less trapped capital.
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