Implement and enforce rigorous quality control standards to avoid bad reviews and stranded listings
Streamline your supply-chain to reduce production and freight costs, boosting the margin of your products
Understand what products are feasible in each sales location and focus on the winners.
Right Quality
Right Cost
Right Product
Right Time
Receive your products only when you need them, optimizing storage costs and capital invested.
Right Place
Identify the restocking needs of each sales location and always have your inventory where you need it.
Right Quantity
Master the art of just-right quantity, avoiding stock-outs and overstocks at the same time.
Our Solution
Retailers always want to sell more. But to generate profitable and sustainable sales you must have the just-right inventory. With Flieber's Six Rights™ approach, online retailers can achieve the right balance between not being overstocked and yet not running out of stock.
Our Methodology
We combine data, technology and service to synchronize sales and inventory, so that you can grow your business sustainably and profitably.
Our platform connects to your systems to understand the performance of your business, so that you have full control of the sales, inventory and margin of your products.
Our solution uses advanced analytics to suggest your next best actions, with the objective of increasing the accuracy of your inventory levels while reducing the final cost of your products.
Our global team of experts operates your purchase orders, so that you don't have to deal with suppliers, freight forwarders and other players of your supply-chain.
At every milestone, our platform revisits projections and updates the best action, so that you can correct the course to always have the right product at the right place at the right time.
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