Flieber's Sales Synchronization™ platform enables profitable sales for online retailers through inventory optimization
The Flieber Advantage
Increase Your Sales
Synchronize sales and operations so that inventory is never a restriction again
Maximize Your Working Capital
Streamline your purchase to sales process to reduce the capital cycle of your business.
Free-up Trapped Capital
Reduce your stock levels and grow your company without the need of additional capital.
Reduce Bad Reviews
Increase the quality control of your products so that bad reviews don't hurt your sales anymore.
Increase Your Margin
See the margin of your products skyrocket with the reduction of your supply-chain costs.
Eliminate Your Headaches
Let us do the hard work and get rid of the complexity of dealing with your operations.
How We Do It
Analyze Product Performance
• Our platform connects to your systems to gather data and generate sales, margin and inventory reports, so that you understand the individual performance of your products.
Eliminate Sales Restrictions
• Our platform identifies short-term inventory restrictions and suggests the ideal sales rhythm of each product to avoid stock-outs.
• Our algorithms project future sales and determine the ideal quantity of products to eliminate inventory restrictions and optimize inventory cycle, working capital and margin.
Optimize Product Profitability
• Our platform recommends the purchases that have to be executed, defining the ideal products, destination, quantity and delivery date.
• Our algorithms identify potential order consolidation opportunities to avoid MOQ restrictions and generate logistics savings.
Hold The Just-Right Inventory
• Our global team coordinates your supply-chain to eliminate the complexity of your operations.
• Our process allows you to always have the right products, at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, with the right cost, and with the right quality.
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